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[Genova] Diaz: 93 will not be prosecuted!
by IMC italia Tuesday, May. 13, 2003 at 10:17 AM mail:

93 people arrested in diaz, released by the judge: they did'nt commit any crimes.

93 people arrested the night of 21 july 2001 at Diaz school in Genova and accused of criminal association, will be not prosecuted.
The judge Anna Vivaldi decided to close the case, and not only as asked by the public prosecutor, because there are no evidences. The judge say that the 93 people, they simply did'nt commit the crimes wich they were accused of: resistance, assaults, gun carriage. She hasn't archived yet charges of associative crime aimed at sacking and devastation.
The grounds for the judge's decision are in a 13 pages document (we'll publish them as soon as possible, also in english and others languages), where she writes that the big quantity of policemen's lies (a lot of them are under investigation for forgery transcripts), make the declarations of them completely unreliable. Further, they're the declarations of other policemen wich came after the event and confirm violence but not resistence. And: „Statements of arrested people are confirmed by medical report", the judge wrote. 62 people had first aid help, 3 had uncertain prognosis, 28 were admitted in the hospital. Almost everybody had a concussion.
In the mean time judicial inquiries are going on about the policemen lies

more news later....

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