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BUSH in ITALY / per Bilderberg conference !!!
by Coffee Shop Friday, May. 14, 2004 at 9:51 AM mail:

sembra che George Bush sarą in Italia a giugno quando si riunirą Bilderberg , molto probabilmente lui userą questa occasione per consultarsi con il cartel dei banchieri e le famiglie reali europei sarą li come ha fatto Clinton nel 2000, Chiediamo di tradurre questo in italiano e preparare una buona accoglienza per il signor BUSHit e gli altri membri del NWO. IMC Italy FEATURE on This !!!

Will George W. Bush fly by? Or will he drop in?

George W Bush - just as Bill Clinton in the year 2000 is travelling nearby
this year. Experience tells us he will may well drop in for a chat with the
oil and banking cartel people - not to mention the European royalty.

That Bush schedule in full

See above links - President Bush is in Rome on 4th June 2004. He will meet President Berlusconi, President Ciampi and Pope John Paul II. He will depart Rome on the 5th June. He will be staying somewhere between Milan and Paris on the night of 5th June 2004. By 6th President Bush is in France, where he will meet Jaques Chirac and participate in the D-Day anniversary.

Please forward this information to news sources who might cover the
Bilderberg conference
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