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[en] [genovag8] campagna di finanziamento
by indymedia italy Thursday, Jun. 24, 2004 at 7:19 PM mail:

Support indymedia campaign for genoa/g8 legal forum

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Have you ever been to Genoa?

Three years have passed since july '01 and we haven't forgotten what happened there.

The processes/trials regarding what actually happened there and who is really responsible are still going on. At the moment, nodody is charged with the killing of Carlo Giuliani, nobody is actually responsible for the raid in the Diaz school, even if it's clear that the police deliberately showed false evidance and made untruthful statements.

But now, these processes have come to an important stage.

The preliminary investigations against the 29 cops and officials that are charged with the abuses committed in the Diaz school on july 21, 2001 will start on june 26.
Police officers have been charged with violence, defamation and perjury. The judge for the preliminary audiences will have to decide whether or not this will proceed into a real court trial, and only in this case will there be a verdict.

The victims can have an active role in the audience through the demand of payment of the damages. This is an option not only for the victims but also any of their relatives who can take the role of plaintiff, even if they were not in the Diaz school at that fatal moment.

The Genoa Legal Forum is coordinating the legal action and has offered lawyers for who had need any assistance. (further info at veritagiustizia dot it)

At the same time 25 activists are being charged with destruction and looting. The main proof against them is a dvd, created by mixing images from various traffic control cameras, bank surveillance footage, police cameras, as well from cameras owned by demonstrators. According to the defense, these images have been cut and remixed together, to negatively impress the jury.

The Genoa G8 days was one of the most documented political events, whether through video, photos, written articles or audio recordings. Indymedia was in Genoa. THe history of Genoa, our history, is about to be judged and the evidence are the millions of eyes who were present during those days. Those are not impartial images: the accusatory party is using them for their own means and gains, to prove their own account of the events. The defense lawyers should be able to use the same means.

The Genoa Legal forum has created and is still working on a vast archive of documents which includes audio and video footage, images and texts. This archive must be digitized and updated with all the new information coming from the trials. Indymedia Italy has decided to fully dedicate itself to offering a real tool through this archive, which would also become a systematic denunciation of the violence coming from those in power.

From June till October we will be in Genoa again. Four people will be working non-stop on the G8 archive with the objective of producing a real working tool that will also aid all legal work and which at the same time will be an archive of historical collective memory.

Along with those 4 people, dozens of activists will be contributing from their homes, helping those in Genoa and updating the Genoa Dossier on

We have decided to launch a finance campaign in order to cover the expenses (technical needs, research materials) of the people who will be working in Genoa. This is the first time we are organizing such a campaign and we need everyone's help.

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