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by hc Monday, Sep. 25, 2006 at 7:18 PM mail:

(Title is tentative): February 12, 2006, a group of 11 young travallers/punks are stopped by the military at Sagada accusing them of attacking a police station and claiming they are NPA's (New People's Army, a maoist militia here).

freepunks.jpg, image/jpeg, 288x212

They we're pushed down in pavements (at gun point) and proceeded to torture them in the next couple of days.
They need all the help they can get, and with this compilation we are aiming to tell and make them feel that they are not alone in this fight. We are expressing our solidarity to all the victims of police brutallity and oppression of all kind. This is for the SAGADA 11.
This is for the world...

Bands are invited to join this benefit compilations. Here's what we need:

1-3 songs (more if you want)
5 1/2 x 8 for artworks, lyrics, band contact, etc.
if possible, a word of encouragement for the prisoners.

Thanks a lot for those who wants to join and those who are interested to make a donation of any kind, write to:

Froilan Abeja 60 Ilang-ilang St. Zaballero Subd. Lucena City 4301 Philippines. email:

abc brighon info:
Solidarity needed for anarchists in The Philippines

The 'Sagada 11' are a group of anarchist prisoners falsely accused of taking part in attack by communist guerillas on a military outpost in the northern philippines. Please spread information about this case as much as possible -- they have been in prison for 7 months now, and have recieved very little international support.

Darwin Alagar, Cell 1 (age 21)
Rundren Lao, Cell 3 (age 24)
Jefferson Dela Rosa, Cell 3 (age 22)
Metro Villegracia, Cell 4 (age 24)
Neil Russell Balajadia, Cell 5 (age 25)
Ronron Pandino, Cell 8 (age 23)
Arvie Nunez, Cell 8 (age 23)
Aldous Christian Mafosa , Cell 9 (age 19)
Anderson Alonzo, Cell 12 (age 18)

Mail can be sent to:
(name and cell number), c/o Jail Warden James Simon, Benguet Provincial Jail, Justice Hill, La Trinidad, Benguet 2601, Philippines

Background Information

On Feb. 14, 2006, a group of 11 anarcho-punks from across the Philippines set out on a trip to Sagada, a well-known camping and hiking spot in the mountains of Northern Luzon. They knew each other through groups like Food not Bombs and Earth First, and were anticipating a nature trip in one of the most beautiful and remote parts of the Philippines. They never arrived.

Instead, Police stopped the truck they were hitching a ride on, and ordered the group to get down at gunpoint. Without any explanation, the police detained the 11 travelers, kicked, beat, manacled and blindfolded them, and confiscated their belongings .
None of the punks had any idea why they had been detained, until hours after their arrest, when a cafgu [member of regional paramilitary group] arrived at the station.
He identified the punks as members of a guerilla force that conducted an arms raid on a military outpost on February 10, which resulted in the deaths of four soldiers and cafgus.
This was the first the punks had heard about the attack, and they denied the charges, pointing out that they were in a different region when the attack occurred, and had no involvement with guerilla groups like the New People's Army.

In response to their denials the police, joined by military and cafgus, brutally physically and psychologically tortured the detainees. T
hey were beaten, electrocuted, stripped naked and had water poured over them, had water forced down their throats to simulate drowning, were suffocated with plastic bags, told their companions had been shot, made to stand in holes the size of graves and subjected to mock executions, and forced to sign false confessions.
Fortunately, on the night of Feb. 15 one of the prisoners, Rundren Lao, was able to escape, jumping into a ravine and fleeing police fire, and alerted people to their whereabouts before being turned back in to the police.

On Feb. 16, the punks were formally charged with arson and murder, and transferred to Benguet Provincial Jail in La Trinidad.
A charge of arson was later added to the case. In April, a change in national law shielding minors from prosecution led to the release of the two youngest, Lester Mendoza, 16, and Francess Ann Bernal, 15.
The other 9 remain in prison. Their trial has been indefinitely postponed.


All of the prisoners read at least some English, and they are very interested in connecting with other anarchists, learning about punk and activism, as well as daily life, around the world.
Gig posters and photos, flyers, stickers, patches and shirts would also be very well received. Bear in mind though, that they are accused of being communist guerillas and overtly political material could be used against them.
The solidarity actions that have happened in the past have meant a lot to them, and more would make a big difference in morale, especially if they could be sent photographs.
Also, funds are needed for basic neccesities, transportation and lodging for friends and family to visit, which also greatly assists their legal process, as the lawyers prefer to deal only with relatives.
For information on how to send money or other items to Manila, contact Solidarity South Pacific at

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