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by Paolo Dorigo n.95 progressivo Sunday, Nov. 13, 2005 at 9:05 PM mail:

Rassegna di articoli sulla situazione del Popolo Palestinese

| Today in Palestine! 12 - Nov - 2005 |
| http://www.TheHeadlines.Org |

Ma'moun Daoud, and a story of continuous Israeli violations
Daoud said that an Israeli security officer offered him once 3.5 million Dollars in exchange of his land, and he rejected the offer knowing that his land will be used for Israeli settlements which occupy the land and abuse the people, “I refuse to sell my land, I won't sell it to settlers who occupy our land and country”, he said.

Soldiers bulldoze orchards to install fence
Military bulldozers resumed on Saturday bulldozing lands adjacent to the villages of Kafel Hares, Marda, Jama’in, and Hares, and prepared the basis of the fence and uprooting dozens of olive trees. ( Fence = Apartheid Wall ! )

Settler groups attack Israeli leftists in Hebron, raid orchards in Qalqilia
In a separate incident, resident Fathi Rashid Mansour, 68, from Kafer Qalil town, near Qalqilia said that an extremist settlers group of Bracha settlement picked the olives, and left him bare trees.

Police officer may face charges in shooting death of East Jerusalem man
"The claim that Dari tried to run over the police officer has apparently been refuted," the official said. "He was not in the car at the time of the shooting. He was far away from the police officers and there was no physical contact between the sides during the shooting."

Palestinian teen critically hurt after navy fires at boat off Gaza coast
Although Israeli ground forces pulled out of Gaza last month the Israeli navy maintains a strict sea blockade, allowing Palestinians to fish only in a narrow zone along the Gaza coast. ( Israeli OCCUPATION Forces! )

Soldiers invade Bethlehem, break into Waqf department
Israeli soldiers broke, on Saturday morning, into the Islamic Waqf department in Bethlehem, and attacked and forced the employees, and residents, out of the building. Mohammed Taha, head of the Waqf department in Bethlehem, told that Maan News Agency that ten soldiers broke into the building and forced the people out while threatening to fire tear gas bombs.

Administrative detention should be banned
Based initially on the British Mandate Defence (Emergency) Regulations of 1945, the Israeli government uses administrative detention as a tool to silence and oppress Palestinians. Due to international criticism in the 1970s, the measure was temporarily suspended. However, in 1985 Israeli Defence Minister Rabin started to use the measure again in the framework of his "iron fist" policy.

Shard of pottery supports Bible account of David and Goliath
Archaeologists digging at the biblical home of Goliath have unearthed a shard of pottery bearing an inscription of the Philistine's name, lending historical credence to the Bible's tale of David's battle.

Special report: “At least 18 residents of Sielet Al-Thaher killed in Amman blasts”
In the wake of Amman explosions, an atmosphere of sadness shrouded the village of Sielet Al-Thaher, south of the West Bank city of Jenin after learning that at least 18 members of Al Akhras family were killed at the Radisson SAS Hotel. Scores of villagers poured to the family house to express their sadness and support for the family.

Israel's claim on Jerusalem foils peace process: Qurei
Addressing a seminar titled "Jerusalem is the key of peace and freedom" in the West Ban k city of Ramallah, Qurei said that Israel's stubbornness on Jerusalem led to collapse of peace talks on the final status issues, also including borders, Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and right of return for the Palestinian refugees.

Israeli Army Harassment of Birzeit Students on their way to University
For nearly 3 years, a permanent Israeli military checkpoint on the road from Ramallah to Birzeit cut Birzeit University off from the majority of its students and faculty. 'Surda Roadblock' was eventually dismantled at the end of 2003, but the road to Birzeit is still subject to the constant threat of periodic closures by flying checkpoints.

Palestinians hope to harvest fruit of withdrawal - if Israelis don't let it rot
We received those sites on September 22 and we will be shipping out the first crops to Europe later this month. Inshallah [God willing]." And Ariel Sharon willing too. As the Palestinians prepare to bring in the first harvest of tomatoes and peppers, their ultimate success is dependent on Israel's control of the main cargo crossing out of the Gaza strip to reach export markets in Europe.,2763,1640987,00.html

Ereikat: PNA Interested in Jerusalemites Participation in Election
He stressed the necessity of moving to press the international community to ensure democratic elections in Jerusalem. The factions' representatives demanded that the elections should be held in Jerusalem like all the Palestinians cities.

Israeli Labour chief backs evacuating settlements
"I will not be part of (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 's) government, but ... if (Sharon) wants to give back parts of Judea and Samaria, he will receive my support," he told Israel's Channel 2 television, using Israel's terms for the West Bank.

Sharon delays poll talks with Labour
"Sharon delayed my planned meeting with him on Sunday until Thursday. It is an irresponsible decision because the Labour party intends to leave the governing coalition and it is better done in a coordinated way," Peretz said.

Peretz gets hasty invite to address Rabin memorial
Newly elected Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz has been added to the list of speakers scheduled to address Saturday night's memorial rally in Tel Aviv to mark the tenth anniversary of the assassination of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Attempts made to improve Gaza border
Progress was slowed by a towering concrete wall, built as a shield against Palestinian attackers. Once trucks reached the gray divider, goods were unloaded, subjected to airport-type scanners or search dogs, then loaded onto different vehicles on the other side.

The hudna no one wants
Nothing much has changed recently, except that the "hudna" has taken the place of the "peace process" in this sterile game. Neither the hudna -- the supposed truce between Israelis and Palestinians -- nor the peace process were ever real, concrete steps on a path to ending Israeli aggression and reversing the occupation of 1967.

Israel heads for spring election
One prominent leftwing former cabinet minister, Yossi Sarid, described Mr Peretz's victory as a "revolution" because of his rejection of Mr Sharon's policies towards the Palestinians and his pledge to take his party back to its socialist roots.,2763,1640976,00.html

A Look at Negotiations Over Gaza Border
Has handled an average of 35 truckloads of goods daily from Gaza. International mediators say that must be increased to 150 a day by the end of the year to meet demand of Gaza economy, including the harvest beginning in mid-November. Experts expect demand to rise to 220 export trucks a day by mid-2006, 400 by mid-2007. Israeli imports to Gaza far higher because of fewer security restrictions.

Report: Jordanian spy agency replaces Mossad as key CIA ally
Jordan's General Intelligence Directorate has become the CIA's most important and effective counter-terrorism ally in the Middle East, a standing once held by the Mossad, the Los Angeles Times reported in its Friday editions.

Jordan says Zarqawi behind hotel attacks
Jordan's King Abdullah II vowed to "take the fight" to Iraq -based Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, whose group Jordanian officials say carried out suicide attacks in Amman this week that killed 57 people.

Report: Pakistan excludes Israel from quake relief conference
The Pakistani official in charge of the earthquake relief effort, Major General Farooq Ahmad Khan, has told press that Israel is not invited to attend a money-raising conference to help victims, a Pakistani news website, the PakTribune, reported late friday.

Report: Israel and Qatar improving ties
According to the report, which is based on claims made by London-based diplomatic sources, a high level Israeli delegation is currently visiting the Qatari capital Doha, in order to agree on steps to strengthen ties in all sectors.,7340,L-3168046,00.html

Time to revive Rabin's message?
Rabin had been the subject of vicious abuse from the Israeli religious right, who believed that the land had been given to the Israelis by God, restored to them by a miracle in the 1967 war, and should never been handed to anyone else.

Butler Asks for Mideast Dialogue
Calling for an open intellectual discourse about Israel, Butler lamented the strong emotions and stigmas that normally stifle such discussions. She said that many Jews feel as though they cannot express discontentment with Israel without first renouncing their Judaism, and that those who do are all too often labeled “self-hating Jews.”

Libya sticks to one state solution
Secret talks between Israeli and Libyan diplomats in the course of the last two years did little to change Tripoli's attitude towards the Jewish state as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi seems to be holding on to his belief that Israel has no right to exist as a country for the Jews, Gaddafi's son Sayf al-Islam told a news conference in Berlin on Friday.,7340,L-3167996,00.html

UN-assisted forum on the purposes of scientific inquiry opens in Hungary
UNESCO has organized two special sessions during the Forum. The first will discuss "Science for a Democratic World: the role of parliaments." The second, organized with the Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization will discuss "Science for Peace."

Why the Iraqi quagmire is no Vietnam
Three decades later, Tran, now an important figure in the ideological wing of Vietnam's communist government, has some thoughts on the Iraqi resistance. "Our struggle was well organized," Tran said in an IPS interview. "We had an address and official contacts, but with Iraq you never know who the resistance is and what their objectives are."

Sniper hunts 2 US soldiers west of Baghdad
An insurgent sniper hunted two US soldiers in the flashpoint city of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, on Saturday, a witness said. "A sniper opened fire at a US military patrol in Souq al-Qadiem district, and picked off two soldiers before he fled the scene," Abdul-Rahman told Xinhua.

Iraq asks Poland to keep troops in Iraq
"The new Polish government is facing pressure to pull out its troops," Sikorski said for his part. Warsaw has previously said it would end its deployment in Iraq at the end of the year. Poland has gradually reduced its troops presence in Iraq from 2,400 to 1,400 men.

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